I do? Yes, I most certainly do….


Another milestone for my jewelry business today!  I was approached by a lovely Denver couple who wanted to commission me to create their wedding bands.  What an honor.  I’m super-stoked to get started on the designs, which I think will be white gold spinner rings, perhaps with some moissanite stones set in the spinner band for her, and a simple hammered white gold band for him.  I can’t wait to get started on this wonderfully symbolic project.

It’s making me very happy that despite a cross-country move in the Spring, my jewelry business has been able to sustain itself while I focus some of my time on the middle-grade fantasy that I wrote two years ago and have been working on ever since.  I’ve been shopping it around for literary representation over the past two months.  This effort has proven to be rather harrowing, and has made me do a lot of second-guessing.  I’m sticking with it though.  Being a published author would be one of my life’s great accomplishments.  Being a life-long writer would be the ultimate fulfillment.


Oh Happy Day!


This is going to be quick and dirty, folks. I just wanted to let you all know that today was a milestone day for my jewelry business. I landed my first wholesale account! Silly perhaps, but I feel as though I have arrived, as a businesswoman, that is. I conquered the artist nerves last year when I realized that people really dug my work. But landing a wholesale account makes me feel legit. Bring it!! My work will be featured at The Artisan Center here in Cherry Creek! Come and visit this amazing fixture of Denver’s art scene!

She’s Craf-tay


I think I’m overdue for some mommy anecdotes, so I’ll bless you with a nice one from a recent trip (with all 3 kids) to the pediatrician. My oldest was overdue for her 6 year well-child check up and I had to scramble to find a pediatrician here in Denver. After landing an appointment we found ourselves seated in front of a pleasant Dr Kristy who begins asking my daughter all sorts of normal doctor-y questions. When we get to ‘what’s your favorite food?’ my daughter answers ‘candy’ without missing a beat. Ugh.

Doc’s response? ‘At least she’s honest. Well, honey, what’s your favorite healthy food?’.

Tanner: ‘Animal crackers.’.

I’m dying slowly inside.

My face is beet red.

Doc turns to me. ‘Does she not eat fruits and veggies?’.

Me: ‘Of course she does…. Tanner, honey, come on now…..fruits? Veggies?….’.

Tanner: ‘Oh yeah, healthy(with a smirk, like she knew exactly what was up)….hmmm….limes!’.

What a weirdo, I think to myself as I look down at my son, who up until now had been playing quietly with soft blocks. Apparently (or so I’d like to think), my son was as frustrated with her as I was. He had begun smashing the soft blocks repeatedly against his forehead. Holy crap. Things were going from bad to worse. New doc. One kid who thinks cookies and candy are healthy, and one who hits himself in the head with blocks. I look over at the third kid and silently thank God that she finally started walking two weeks ago (at 21 months) or this doctor would certainly gave called child protective services on me!!! I tried really, really hard not to laugh at the entire debacle, but the giggles were not to be defeated. Thankfully Doc decided that my crew was pretty funny. She joined in the laughter too. Phew.

On to some more serious business though..

As part of my whole relocation effort, I’ve had to redesign my studio workspace to accommodate my new digs here in Denver. Most of the adjustments have been minor and I’m just about good to go. One of the most costly issues I’ve come across is that of dust collection, specifically from my polishing lathe. I was a bit of a slacker in my old house and basically just used a face mask to protect myself from airborne polishing compound particles. When we moved, I realized how much rouge was layered on my walls and my tools and decided that I needed a dust collection system.

So, on to riogrande.com and ottofrei.com I go, only to find out that they’ll run me about $350. And that’s just for the hood!!! Since my jewelry income is less because I’ve had to pull my work from local Atlanta co-ops, shelling out that much makes me a bit squeamish.

Instead, my wheels start turning and I concoct a scheme to rig up my husband’s shop vac to a $49 vent hood, which I found at ottofrei.com. It fits standard 2.5″ dust collectors. I did my measuring and it looks like it’ll do the trick. Worst case, I’ll have to buy some adapter piece for $10-15 bucks. It’s still better than $350! How’s that for crafty?! I’ll keep you posted on how it all shakes out.

Shame on Me!


Three months without a post, shame on me!  A lot has happened in the past few months and no, in case you were wondering, I was not selected for the Macy’s Million Dollar Make-over (sniffle, sniffle).  On to bigger and better though….  I have officially said goodbye to the dirty South and hello to the Rocky Mountains.  Yes, folks, for those of you who didn’t already know, my husband and I have uprooted our fam and headed west to the amazing city of Denver, Colorado.  I’m so proud to call this place home once again (I lived in Boulder for 5 years while attending the University of Colorado).  We’re living in an awesome home in the thoroughly awesome area of Wash Park and I just feel like the luckiest girl in the world right now.

Now that we’re settled though, I have a job to do.  I need to get my jewelry into some local galleries and boutiques to increase my reach and expand my business.  I’ve been fortunate enough to keep my work at the indie*pendent in Atlanta, and at Atelier Gallery in Charleston and Gabriella’s in Asheville.  So, I feel like the Southeast is covered, but I’d like my work in some of the mountain towns as well as locally in Denver and Boulder.  If anyone has a favorite shop that they think would be a great fit, I’m all ears!!

How I Made MY Move


This was a post I wrote almost a year ago.  I’m revisiting it now as I think it’s incredibly relevant to my journey.


This is a tough question. What is it going to take for you to make the move and follow your dreams? Is the fear of not having a paycheck holding you back? It’s a pretty scary thought, and one that I’ve been contemplating for several years now, especially with three little mouths to feed. It was in those little mouths that I found the motivation to let go of the toxic security of that paycheck.

I can’t sum everything up in one blog post. But I can say that the thought of my kids growing up watching mommy ‘suck it up’ and ‘tough it out’ for that paycheck, all the while knowing that what I really wanted to do was create (art, jewelry, books, you name it…), would be teaching them exactly what I DON’T want them to do when they grow up. The thought of them wasting their life in some go-nowhere job where their true talents aren’t merely unrecognized, but stifled completely, made my physically ill. So I made the decision to be the change. It’s terrifying, but invigorating all at the same time. The first year is going to be rocky, I’ve accepted that. But at least I know that I’m living some of my most important values – freedom, creative expression, self-reliance. I’ve never been a particularly religious person, but someone said to me recently as we discussed my plan, “The Lord rewards those who have faith.” This is my leap of faith. Making the decision and of course, telling my lousy boss that I was leaving, felt better than anything had in a long time, and doing so made it even more clear to me that I had made the RIGHT decision.

So, my question to you is, what’s it going to take for you to make YOUR move? How are you going to feel at the end of your days when you look back at your life? Will you have lived it the way you wanted?

Macy’s Million Dollar Makeover? I think so.


Yesterday was my daughter’s 6th birthday and just after we returned from a wild trip to Chili’s (by request) for her birthday dinner, I found a peculiar email in my inbox. The title read “Casting –Macy’s Million Dollar Makeover.” Of course, this piqued my curiosity and on I read. It was from a casting producer who came upon my jewelry at Homegrown Decatur and evidently appreciated it enough to reach out to me and invite me to apply for the Macy’s Million Dollar Makeover. How freakin cool is that?! As much as I’d like to convince myself that I could do without a makeover, the sad fact is, I could really, and I mean REALLY, use one. Scraggly hair in need of a cut, an extra 15 L-to tha-Bs that I could stand to lose, a pedicure, a new wardrobe…..oooooh, a new wardrobe….. What I really can’t do without though is the chance to win a MILLION DOLLARS. What?! A MILLION DOLLARS! I filled out their application via facebook and was told to email the casting producer once I did so. This was done last night at 9:30pm. And since then I have been twiddling my impatient little thumbs waiting for what comes next. Zzzzing!  I’m excited.  Ahh, the magic of Macy’s.

Inspired by the Season


Winter, in the great state of Georgia, is something of a let-down if, like me, you expect cold temperatures, icicles, crusted, cracked earth, and lots of snow. I find the bleak skies and balmy temperatures to be a bit of a drain on my creativity, and have to really work to get inspired.

Thankfully, I stumbled upon some gorgeous drusy agates that ignited the spark. Their tiny, sparkling crystals remind me of the frozen earth, blanketed in freshly fallen snow. As I await their arrival, and the arrival of a slew of new metalsmithing tools, I’m dreaming up some exciting new designs to reflect this sparkly season, in all of it’s chilly glory.