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I do? Yes, I most certainly do….


Another milestone for my jewelry business today!  I was approached by a lovely Denver couple who wanted to commission me to create their wedding bands.  What an honor.  I’m super-stoked to get started on the designs, which I think will be white gold spinner rings, perhaps with some moissanite stones set in the spinner band for her, and a simple hammered white gold band for him.  I can’t wait to get started on this wonderfully symbolic project.

It’s making me very happy that despite a cross-country move in the Spring, my jewelry business has been able to sustain itself while I focus some of my time on the middle-grade fantasy that I wrote two years ago and have been working on ever since.  I’ve been shopping it around for literary representation over the past two months.  This effort has proven to be rather harrowing, and has made me do a lot of second-guessing.  I’m sticking with it though.  Being a published author would be one of my life’s great accomplishments.  Being a life-long writer would be the ultimate fulfillment.