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Macy’s Million Dollar Makeover? I think so.


Yesterday was my daughter’s 6th birthday and just after we returned from a wild trip to Chili’s (by request) for her birthday dinner, I found a peculiar email in my inbox. The title read “Casting –Macy’s Million Dollar Makeover.” Of course, this piqued my curiosity and on I read. It was from a casting producer who came upon my jewelry at Homegrown Decatur and evidently appreciated it enough to reach out to me and invite me to apply for the Macy’s Million Dollar Makeover. How freakin cool is that?! As much as I’d like to convince myself that I could do without a makeover, the sad fact is, I could really, and I mean REALLY, use one. Scraggly hair in need of a cut, an extra 15 L-to tha-Bs that I could stand to lose, a pedicure, a new wardrobe…..oooooh, a new wardrobe….. What I really can’t do without though is the chance to win a MILLION DOLLARS. What?! A MILLION DOLLARS! I filled out their application via facebook and was told to email the casting producer once I did so. This was done last night at 9:30pm. And since then I have been twiddling my impatient little thumbs waiting for what comes next. Zzzzing!  I’m excited.  Ahh, the magic of Macy’s.


Homegrown Decatur ~ My Little Plot of Land


Listening to a little Cake Radio on Pandora right now and I decided to share a pic of my plot of land at the awesome little gallery where I currently have my work.   I need to start brainstorming on recycled and repurposed materials that I can use for my jewelry that’s going to live at Re-Inspiration in Highlands.  Any ideas?  So far, I’ve got beach stones, beach glass, champagne corks (taking sections of them and setting them in sterling…), silver flatware cuffs (forks only I think for their sculptural effect)….  I’ve sourced some recycled sterling and am hunting for recycled copper pieces now.  If anyone has any sources I’d love to hear about them.  =)  Have a happy Tuesday all.

Metalsmithing – Sterling and Tourmaline Necklace


It’s been awhile since I last shared with all of you.  I’ve had great success with my pieces at an artist’s co-op in Decatur ~ Homegrown Decatur, I’ve signed a contract with a repurposed goods store in Highlands ~ Re-Inspiration Store, and I’ve decided to take a stab at festivals with a small, local festival called REV Fest 2011.  It’s sponsored by the awesome local coffee shop here in Smyrna and takes place on Saturday October 8th from 10am til 10pm.  There will be good eats, live music and lots of local art.  Anyone in the ATL should come have a look-see.

So, now that you’re thoroughly updated on my hectic schedule and I feel better because I’ve got an air-tight excuse for not blogging lately (wink, wink)….  Here goes a little pictorial I put together about some basic metalsmithing techniques and a finished product.

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